#17: Be fearless in life to get success in life

We do not know a fearless person at the beginning of our life. For great success, we need the above approach

Hello dear friends, I think all of us understand that being fearless in life is always rewarding. I also feel that this is the need of the hour for all of us and especially for the young generation.

When we are fearless then we are marching toward successful achievement of our goals. We will be discussing the points with which we can become fearless & bold in life to achieve our targets.

Stop negative programming

You have to stop negative programming tomorrow to remind age derails our progress. Negative thinking creates a lot of problems in our life. You cannot be happy with negativity.

Learn good habits

Learning good habits is really a great thing. When we will learn good habits then the achievement of our goals is very fast. There is no age barrier to learning good habits. We remember the instance when the England team was losing all cycling tournaments.

They had a coach and he was doing a 1% improvement on a daily basis in the cycling team. The impact was seen that from 2008 to 2018 they won all major cycling events in the world.

Passion for work

We need a powerful passion for our work to get the best performance. Are you doing this? If not then start with immediate effect. It is going to do turn around in your life.

How much life is left?

Nobody knows at a particular time how many years are left in our age. So we need to live our life lively. With this, you are going to create an impact on the masses. A fearless mindset makes you mentally strong for the best service to the people.

Master your skills

We can learn anything at any moment of time in our life. The main ingredient for this is only your strongest willpower. When you are ready to conquer the world universe will help you to achieve anything.

Learn all skills whatever you feel better for your mental software up-gradation. We have to start reading books and attending webinars and seminars on our niche. We will be getting too much knowledge in a few months. Knowledge is the backbone of your personality.

You will become what you want after getting the required know-how. I have attended a lot of webinar seminars in the last three and half years and also read 57 books.


We’re having a very tough competitive atmosphere around us. We need to be successful at any cost in this cutthroat competition.

Your meditation will help you to make the best out of yourself. You will become so cool and calm in any situation that you are energy due to anger or time management will not stop you.

Meditation can do wonders in our life. Just try in the correct manner & you will start getting results.

Best Health

You can fight every inch of your life in your best health only. To maintain our health we have to do a daily fitness schedule. When you are totally strong then you can carry out any physical hardship in an easy manner.

Keep at least 1.5 hours daily in your fitness schedule. You can do yoga, morning walk, jogging, running, jumping, indoor games, and outdoor games playing as per the suitability of time.

Love all

We are very busy in this world. We forget to love our family members friends and relatives. We have not felt good when we ask them for help. You have not made them comfortable with your behavior. Try to love everyone without any expectations in return. Almighty will be happy that you are a very good person.

Work hard

We can achieve any success in life only with hard work. Hard work nature starts from the beginning. Do not think about what the company has given you we need to see e what we have given to our company.

Top performer

We have to become top performers in our life. For this, you’ll have to really put your massive action. In doing this you will be going into the details of each and everything about the subject.

Never give up attitude

Have never given up attitude always. Sometimes we give up when we are very near to the success point. Whenever this thought comes into our mind we have to understand very clearly why we started long back.

You have given ample time to this project. We can have failures sometimes but with these points, we can again start our work towards the target.

Strong Relationship

Strong relationships extra boost to become fearless as your time is saved on unnecessary topics. When we are fearless then we can be good decision-makers hence relationships are stronger.

We can share small things with our partners and sell out problems. Avoiding communication takes us on the wrong route.

A positive attitude is everything

We all know that a positive attitude is most important in our life. With positivity, we can get solutions for anything in this world. All energetic and result-oriented personalities are having a positive attitude. We need to tell all our surroundings that we have to progress only with a positive attitude. Negativity should not come into our thinking it spoils everything.

You become what you think

This is a wonderful saying that we become what we think all time. If we think positive thoughts only then we will become positive person and successful people. On the contrary, if we think in another direction result will not be what we want. We think about 60,000 thoughts per day.

We do not know how many are positive and how many or negative. But one thing is very clear that positive attitude person will be having more and more positive thoughts in a day. We become what we think every time. I listened many times to great audio from Earl Nightingales.

The strangest secret in the world”. I wish every one of us should listen to this once a day till we go near our targets. I am a regular listener of this audio.

Take the lead

Yes friends you will have to take the lead from the front to reach the success level. If you are not serious then someone else will take that lead. So it is better that you perform in the most wonderful way to become the top personality in your field. We see many people in this world that are very casual in approach but my dear friends you will be nowhere if you are not taking things seriously. Go ahead and conquer the world. You are the master expert of your feet you can do anything you want.

Write Journal Daily

We should make a habit of writing journals daily. It will help us to review the whole day’s performance. You will be able to analyze where you need to trust more in the coming day. Without making a strategic analysis we cannot come to the conclusion for taking any corrective action.

Similarly, I will suggest writing a journal daily for your expenses in the office or at home. The in-office account team takes care but at home, your family member needs to take charge. Every week you will be able to diagnose whether you have taken expenses correctly. It is a wonderful exercise that I have taken out for the last 41 years. My wife and I are able to take a decision on how much amount to be spent on which activity by seeing this journal.

Prove people wrong

We need to get Pooja to target so that people can understand your power and your personality. We have to achieve these targets because you’re thinking that in any case we will not give up and get our desired targets. In this way, we can prove to people wrong who are not thinking at all that we will be getting the results.

How many books and skills did you learn last year?

Book reading and becoming a lifelong learner(LLL) are really great degrees qualities with which we can have our upgraded version. I have read 57 books in the last three years and started YouTube channels, podcasts, blogs, and motivational sessions at various locations for staff and the workforce.

I have written a book (love you are life). Skills I could add only because of my never give up attitude and lifelong learning thought process. The more I went into the details of these things much better I found myself in every corner.

The utilization of the conscious and subconscious mind

The utilization factor of our brain is very important to point out during our meetups and discussions at various levels. As per the details available we are using only 7 to 8% of the brain. Just see if we utilize around 12% then we will be like the great scientist Einstein.

This can be increased with the help of the conscious and subconscious minds working. We can think that if the conscious mind is giving all the discussions 121 then the subconscious mind acts like a top agent and has 90% more power than the conscious mind.

We can start using more and more brains when we start using our subconscious minds. Meditation when we do it to a greater extent improves the subconscious mind working which is already very strong.

Sleep is for losers

We are marching towards our goals with the help of our best habits and subconscious mind working. We are tired a bit sometimes but we cannot quit we can take little rest. The person who is sleeping more means he’s caught up somewhere and not able to make a decision.

We all have 24 hours daily. It may be Virat Kohli, Sachin Tendulkar, Rohit Sharma, Ronaldo & Tiger Woods. The main importance is how we are utilizing our time to get our results.

Breathe is inevitable

Friends, when we are swimming in a pool or in a river we have to come up to take a breath. Hair breath is so urgent that we cannot live. Similarly, for achieving great success and performance we need hard work with a systematic approach. We need to do difficult tasks to come near the target. When we are not coming out of our comfort zone then we cannot get good performance and successful life.

No excuses

When we are marching towards our targets and goals then we cannot make any excuse. Excuse making people or not marching towards their visionary goals. I have seen people making excuses in life to get temporary gain. Dear friends, we cannot get results without getting pain in our starting life.

Wake up early

One of the best morning rituals is to wake up around 5 AM. Great author Mr. Robin Sharma has also asked in his book 5 AM club that these people who follow 5 AM Time are always winners. They know how to utilize their time properly we all have 86,400 seconds daily.

We cannot spoil even a single second in doing backbiting or leg-pulling which people are doing on top priority. So take care of your time and time will take care of you in the future.

In the end, I would say that seeing so many points we have to decide not to have fear in our life. Fear kills our progress and creativity. Let us be fearless and conquer the world. We are destiny makers. God has full faith in us and similarly, we need to have the self-belief that we are the greatest in this universe. This beautiful universe is having all the powers within which can be given to you without much effort.

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