#16: Get Rich now faster & easier

Brian Tracy had one goal: to show you too can earn money faster and easier than ever before. We can get rich faster & easier with his great teachings

We will be discussing the main tips from his book. Before that will introduce the great legend, Brian Tracy. Brian Tracy is one of the most respected speakers, teachers, and trainers in the world today. He has given more than five thousand seminars and workshops in over fifty countries on the subjects of sales, wealth creation, and goal setting.

He is the author of more than four hundred audio/video learning programs and has written more than fifty books that have been published in thirty-six languages. I have read his many books & entertaining videos on his youtube channel. I am a die-hard fan of his motivational tips.

We need to save cash in every business. It is a lifeline to all persons in life.

  1. Create a Financial Plan: Keep a close eye on your plans in day-to-day life. You will be going closer to your goals.
  2. Never use a credit card: I have experienced a lot of trouble spending on cards. I have used it for about 10 years & then cut all credit cards from my life. They charge too high-interest rates. Better pay your highest interest rates.
  3. Get out of debt: Best way in life is to get out of debt, your life will become easier. Mental satisfaction gives you the best health & family atmosphere.
  4. Pay yourself first by paying 10% first: We need to save 10% by only paying yourself every month from your salary or business profit. It will be a huge amount in years.
  5. Write your journal daily: We should write daily expenses on a daily basis. It will be helping you to analyze your expenditure in day-to-day life. You will be saving a lot of money for your business plan.
  6. Be disciplined: We need to make a systematic money plan & action is a must on the decided plan. Your life will be very good with a disciplined working style.
  7. Saving in your life: We need to be having 6 months of expenses in case of service loss or business low profits. We will not be on the looser end if we keep this money booster.
  8. Insurance: We need to be having insurance for ourselves & your company, and family members. Sometimes we spend lavishly & do not have insurance. Your main saving is lost in case of any unwanted incident in life.
  9. Investments: Our cash flow is a must in our life which gives best comfort zone in our life. The best investment is in real estate. See how fast it gives you results. Similarly in some stocks & mutual funds with SIP plans. You will be able to make you top 10% of people in your life. We may have to spend some of our best moments.

I have seen this in our lives in real estate money is growing very fast. You cannot live on only one stream. We need to learn first & then earning will come automatically.

10. Manage spending and debt: We have to manage our spending & debt on the personal or business front amicably so that our life becomes successful.

11. Generate income: We have to keep generating income in our work and what we do in our life. As discussed in the above points we have to be in the top 10% of people in our lives. We have to see that we should be having good team-mates for success in our personal or professional life.

We always believe that an expert in the field is a proven track record and can help us to be in our business success.

12. Generate wealth: We have to see thoroughly how we can generate wealth in our business. We have to see some good life cycle products. We can get good profits with some hot selling products. General products everyone can give but value-added products are in great demand sometimes

We need to invest in experts in the required fields. We have to get their main tips for generating wealth. We need to change with market demand. We have to be a more innovative mindset. Creativity is a must for any business for revolution.

13. Multiply wealth: We have to be market to review our future plans for running faster from the top 10% to the top 5% level & then the top 2%, business owners. We become what we think. We should be thinking about value creation in our life for grand success.

14. Protect your wealth: We have to be acting as watchdogs for our business. This will help us to protect our business. We have seen some corporate has gone down & some have grown in the best way. See the likes of TATA, BIRLA, Vardhman, Nahar, RSWM groups, Reliance

15. Customer feedback is a must: Customer feedback always helps us to improve significantly. We can increase sales, earnings & product feedback so that we can change some process control areas. We need to be willing on massive action on feedback.

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