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Tiny changes Remarkable results

A revolutionary system to get 1% better everyday

I really enjoyed this book.I took full advantage of STAY at home Save Yourself.

In India we say the person who showed fear & stay at home is the winner. World is suffering badly with Covid-19 deadly Pendemic. TAke care every body.Love you all.

I was impressed by this book.This book was suggested by my son.Simple way telling by James that you can improve a lot if you do only 1% improvement daily. Author has given lot of worthy examples for better understanding.I am near retirement but felt yes we can do this very simple rule to give best performance in our life as a player,coach,business head,factory head. We can see that person is never old as you know age is just a number. We have seen 25 yrs as old & 80 yrs as young. So age factor is only an lame excuse.When you join 5am club, gratitude,morning & before bed affirmations with morning rituals then how we can be low on energy.

Reviewing again for the book is very practical & useful.Author tells inspiring stories for Olampic gold medalists, top CEOs & all concerned have used the theory of 1% TINY improvements & became productive,motivated & happy. See the example of Britain Cycling team who did wonders with this theory.Book can be used by one & all .Even for parenting,business or individual.

Book tells us 4 laws for Tiny improvements

1.Make it obvious

2 Make it attractive

3. Make it easy

4.Make it satisfying

I will again go for one more reading.Friend i really enjoyed reading thsi wonderful book.

Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break ...


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