शिमला मिर्च पनीर की सब्जी|Capsicum paneer recipe||Shimla mirch paneer# GTK

#cooking #foodbloggers #foodie #vegetarianrecipes #goldystastefulkitchen #wondertips One of the best Indian recipe from Our channel https://www.facebook.com/virender.chaudhry.7 #cooking #recipes #food #capsicumpaneerrecipe This video is about शिमला मिर्च पनीर की सब्जी|Capsicum paneer recipe – Paneer capsicum recipe – Shimla mirch paneer by GTK.Wonderful delicious stuff, All love it & very nutritive. You can make it very easily […]

#130::शिमला मिर्च पनीर की सब्जी|Capsicum paneer recipe||Shimla mirch paneer# GTK
It’s about taking pleasure in it, about choosing the ingredients, and thinking carefully about what fits the season, the time, what people fancy, or the mood. Who you are cooking for is also important: for yourself, a lover, your family or a group of friends. 
We make wonderful recipes when we greet any friend or guest. But you see when cooking lady is expert in kitchen then it become wonderful respect for best respect for our guests.
At the same time if the food is not prepared well by the house lady then situation becomes very awkward. Now system has developed that anyone can have cooking by the way of video prepared by a lot of experts of their recipes.
Your passion for food doesn’t stop at just preparing it. You believe in decorating your food and making it stand out.
 Any time you’re throwing a party or attending someone else’s, you are the designated chef. Now a days lot of Chefs are grooming to give their best.
My channel also gives ample videos of various vegetarian recipes around 450+ in last 3 years. I am making foor for last 40+ years for my family & relatives as a passion.

Started my Youtube channel for my recipes. You will love it. The recipes are made in such a way so that it is not a room full to the health of the family. We can have any type of recipe as we are are expert in the field of cooking. Less oily food is better for the family health.



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