How to become top life coach?

Blogger has given in death tips for आप बेहतरीन लाइफ कोच कैसे बने? How to become top life coach?#wondertips

आप बेहतरीन लाइफ कोच कैसे बने? How to become top life coach?#wondertips

How to Become a Life Coach – This article will show you how to become a life coach. We wrote it to make a practical difference between success and failure. This is the ultimate guide!

Important: You don’t need to have iNLP Center training to become a certified coach or to benefit from these resources, but of course, we highly recommend it!

There are people for whom becoming a life coach is an ideal career choice. Many life coach candidates, however, miss the opportunity to follow their passion due to bad advice, often published by life coach training centers and marketing gurus whose sole interest is to sell their own product.

It’s time for a real guide that shows you, step-by-step, how to become a life coach. And we won’t waste your time with unrealistic expectations.

How to Become a Life Coach

If you are serious about becoming a professional life coach because you really enjoy helping people, you will be encouraged by what you read here. We’ve outlined the process very clearly in order to help you safely and sanely make the transition into your new coaching business. We also recommend taking the Life Coach Aptitude Test so you can discover which skill sets to focus on in your life coach training.

My only goal in presenting this information is to provide an unbiased, step-by-step tutorial for anyone who wants to learn how to become a life coach.

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Wonder Tips

Hello Guys, I am a motivational speaker and want to help 10,00000 people with my motivational tips & my experience. Just see guys, I have started 2 YouTube channels 3 years back.

Started blogging, although 2nd try & written 640+blogs in the last 12 months with 1–2 blogs per day to see my capacity for writing speed. Now I will reduce blogs. Podcast, I have done 145 Episodes on motivational tips in the last 12 months. Sports lover & Jogging about 5 km in a week to 10 days.

Motivational sessions on or off in the company have been done record say 10–15 meetings in a day. Done many sessions with many Schools, Colleges, Professional colleges & mills.

I have spent my entire life in the textiles spinning Industry as an Engineer & done a lot of wonderful achievements. Team leadership is my main tool to sit in the hearts of my associates.

One fine day had a Super Duper thought, whatever learned in the industry may be given back to my loving people. So started Motivational Speaking as a part-time hustle.

I am a learner by heart. For the same reason, I am learning Blogging, Podcasting, Youtube making, Writer, Digital marketing & attending a lot of webinars.

I am doing webinars also on self-development, fitness, motivation, time management, Good habits that can be learned any time, How to have multiskilling? How self-discipline can help in life?

See this wonderful Video message from my Youtube channel.

Love you all with a selfless attitude, Diet control to keep better fitness. More we are fit more service you can do to mankind. Self-belief is rocking. What else you want?

I have read around 45 motivational books & a lot of seminars & webinars have attended. I have made my website Motivational Tips+Veg. Recipes Blogs. I have a full energetic way of working. Handling 10hours for our office work.

Another Cooking channel from my wife having 420+ Vegetarian Indian Recipes.

When we are helping each other, loving, motivating all then what else you want? But make the intention that you are living 20–25 years more. When you are good to all then God also gives blessings to you. Now learning digital Marketing courses to improve blogging & website & digital social media presence.

All the best guys. Believe in Almighty & go for the best version of yourself. Do not compete with anyone except yourself.
I did a lot of tasks during the COVID-19 homestay to be safe. Fully satisfied with parents, family members, and friend’s love & affection. The main target is to give motivation level to all.

We have to be a very positive mindset. We can do anything. The main advantage when you are positive, then you love all & in turn, get benefits from Almighty.

When you are in love with all then you are bound to energetic. All the best.

You are a born winner. Think what you want. Success is waiting for you. Take Action today only. Come out of your comfort zone.

Training is training is wonderful. Training is an art. It enhances the brand of a trainer. Lot of money is there in this business. Because you are a very powerful trainer.

Services are to be given best clear vision.

Requirement of a good trainer

1.Content mastery in 6 months training. It is 10% off any skill. Ready material is also available. Day in day out on that.

2. Sales skills

3. Social media skills

4. Marketing skills

Best name of course is must and understood by people easily. We need to give content what people need.

5.We need to make free webinars.More people will be seeing you & branding will be best.

6.Brand delivery skill should be must.


8.Team building skill: dedicate team is must.

9.Amazing customer handling skills

10. Hall filling skills:

11. Event management skill

Online event management in simple part of line event management skills. We need to be entrepreneur not only trainer.

12. Webinar selling & ONLINE AUTOMATION

13.Trainer should be impactful:

Learn from successful trainer.Love to get as per Indian environment.

14.Book writing

15.Learn step by step journey

16. Funnel mastery: We should have funnel mastery

17. Training tools is must

Live training

Pre check list,post check list,selling,NLP training, discount & bonus system to be learnt.

18.Digitalisation of your your training

For more details visit my blog


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